For customers concerns on safety & liability

 We have specialized equipment that we've purchased specifically for doing our work.

 Our industrial-strength ladders have Leg Levelers and Stabilizer Bars.

 Stabilizer Bars protect the ladder from going side to side as well as prevent the base of the ladder from coming out from underneath it.

 Leg Levelers allows us to work on un-even ground. 

We use first class ropes and harnesses.

We come fully stocked and ready to work on your house.


 The vast majority of steep roofs do not present a problem to us. Standard procedure is to access the roof with a ladder, throw a line over the roof to anchor it on both sides and get on the roof in a secure fashion.

 We will do everything we can to find a safe way to do it- in rare cases we may turn a job down.


 Gear keeps us safe in almost all weather. Along with first class safety gear we also use Brand boots that grip to slippery surfaces to keep us safe.

our guys are trained

 We make sure our guys are a good fit to start with. All new hire's go through a 3 week training process where they are trained on a checklist of things we want them to learn. They work with a Lead Technician for 3 weeks.

 After that we have a Continuing Quality Improvement Program - in which we stop by randomly to assess job sites and make sure that people are working according to our procedures. 


 This is where, "An ounce of prevention", really, "is worth a pound of cure."

 It is important to keep moss and debris off of your roof before it damages your roof. 

 Our basic process is to agitate the larger clumps of moss off of your roof, blow loose debris off the gutters and downspouts and treat the roof with Zinc Sulfate. 

 We do this with composition, cedar and tile roofs. 

Gutter Cleaning

 We will access your roof in a safe manner. We will clean all of the debris out of your gutters, check downspouts and make sure everything is running clear.

 We make a lot of minor repairs on the fly and promise to clean up well.


 Our Technicians are trained professionals who will arrive at your home in a company truck with industrial strength ladders with Stabilizer Bars and Leg Levelers on them. 

 We clean interior and exterior windows, screens, tracks and sills as well as skylights. 

 We promise quality service done in a safe manner.

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A Meaningful History

Built For You 

Established 2013

 Out of experiencing firsthand the lack of passion for excellence in the Home Service Industry, and the desire to change it, in 2013 Choice Window & Gutter Cleaning was born.

 With now 7+ successful years in business we are still just as excited as we were 7 years ago! Just a whole lot better. And always striving for more ways to improve for our customers sake.

​ This company was built for you!

 YES. We care deeply for every project, big or small, and respect it as if it were our own home. But where does our inspiration come from?

 From the desire to just be the best? NO.. Although that is the aim everyday. The real source for the passion that drives us to make every customer feel right at home working with us comes from a deeper understanding;

 The understanding that our WORK is a reflection of US!

​ Isn't that true with all of us?

 If our work is slack, its because we ourselves are slack. If our work is careful, respected, and perfected over time its a reflection of the character we are building within ourselves.  

 There is a deeper call to action in us all to be the best at what we do. It is our duty and responsibility to make the most out of the responsibilities we have been given in this life. is it not?

-Ecclesiastes 9:10

And it is with this deeper understanding and passion for excellence set in the foundation of Choice Window & Gutter Cleaning that we have found a steady, natural flow of home owners, just like you who feel safe and confident continuing to work with us.

 Its not about Pride. It is about good stewardship. We are here to serve you and take over the task so that you can relax and focus on other aspects of life.

 It is a blessing to earn your business and we look forward to serving you in excellence!

Cliff Alameda 
Choice Window & Gutter Cleaning